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Crystal Benefits Chart

  •  AMETHYST - barking, calming, ear issues, fear, pain, separation anxiety

  • AQUAMARINE - aggression, barking, calming, eye issues, heals old wounds, inflammation, rescue dogs

  • BLUE CHALCEDONY - anxiety, arthritis, balance, calming, heal past trauma, inflammation, pain, shield's negative energy

  • CARNELIAN - allergies, cancer, courage, depression, shy or timid, training issues

  • CHERRY QUARTZ - anger, anxiety, autoimmune system, digestion, energy, respiratory system, skin disorders, strengthens the heart

  • CITRINE - depression, detoxification, digestion, intestinal issues, training issues

  • CLEAR QUARTZ - calming, energy, engaged and focused, master healer

  • FLUORITE - arthritis, blood purification, block's EMF's, cancer, digestion, strengthens bones and teeth, training, virus protection

  • GARNET - blood circulation, depression, grounding, nervousness, block's EMF's

  • GREEN AVENTURINE - anxiety, cell repair, courage, heals past trauma and abuse, purification

  • HOWLITE - anxiety, calming, confidence, energy, muscle tension, releases envy, anger and fear

  • JADE - abused, aggression, calming, eye issues, skin issues

  • JASPER - aggression, allergies, cancer, fear, focus, grounding, pain

  • LAPIZ LAZULI - depression, pain, rescue pets who suffered trauma, respiratory issues

  • PERIDOT - balance, cheerful, digestive system, detoxifier, joy, uplifting

  • ROSE QUARTZ - abused animals, aggression, calming, fear, love, muscle issues, rescue animals, respiratory issues

  • SODALITE - aggression, anxiety, barking, calming, inflammation

  • STRAWBERRY QUARTZ - calming, grounding, immune system, love, pain

  • TIGER'S EYE - energizing, protection, recuperation, and recovery, sick or weak pets, working pets

  • YELLOW AGATE - anxiety, balance, calming, focus for training, stone of universal healing


The use of crystals or stones is one of personal choice and has been used historically as therapy to relieve or prevent symptoms.  Healing crystals should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for conventional medicine.  The products I sell on my website offer no guarantee

 of results.  

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